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Activities Responsibilities:
- Set up stations (field, water, and gym)
- Lead activities for small groups attentively
- Possibly help manage free time activities or tournaments
- Willingness to be outdoors or indoors all five days at camp

First-Aid Responsibilities:
- Be trained in first aid care or have nursing/medical background (Preferred but not required)
- Have a constant presence at camp where large amount of campers gather
- Advise campers who need medication or are taking medication to regularly check-in
- Support the on-campus clinic in cases of non-life-threatening injuries, illnesses, and accidents


Security Responsibilities:

- Keeping all Standing Stones Camp attendees safe during the duration of Standing Stones Camp. 

-  Enforcing camp rules & guidelines (i.e. dress code, pda, etc.)

- Respond to any emergent needs at Standing Stones Camp (i.e. Fights, Dehydration, First Response, etc)

- Making sure all attendees are where they need to be during scheduled hours of the day.

- Work with and report to Head of Security.

- May have to travel off-campus to attend emergent needs to Standing Stones Camp attendees

- Abide by the rules set forth by Standing Stones Camp and the University


Merch Sales Responsibilities:

- Help with the merch table during merch sales times

- Distribute and help with photo orders

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