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Camp is returning in person—and that means we need your help! We rely on volunteers to be small group leaders to help lead the campers! To all those 18+, we strongly encourage you to apply. We can’t have small groups with you! Small group leaders will be provided with training and mentors, so you’re not alone in this entire process. Group leaders will be leading small groups during the entire week of camp; this will include devotionals (provided) and reflections--you can add some spice with icebreakers and leading a small worship session during your breakout times. 



  • Prepare for Devotionals prior to meeting

  • Communicating with partner

  • Be available July 25th-30th

Scroll down to read experiences from past Group Leaders! 

If you are interested in serving and becoming a Group Leader, apply here!:


Previous Group Leader Experiences


JOssiah Yang

I have been a group leader three times now: Resurrection, Now What?, and Living Sacrifice. I applied as a group leader because God opened my eyes and told me that it’s time to serve! The experience helped me grow because it showed me how I could better lead my group at my home church or lead a group of strangers in the future, like Standing Stones. It also helped me to be prepared on what it’s like to serve outside of my home church. Leading a group of young individuals at camp is so awesome. It’s always awkward on day one, but I can promise you that you will have the best time with them by the end of the week. I highly suggest that you be around your campers, whether it’s during worship, meals, or even free time. You are their guide, and they look up to you and you are also the one that they remember when the week is over. For me, one of the greatest things about being a group leader is when certain camper(s) stay in touch with you even when camp is over. The ones that keep in touch with you will always remember the year you lead them and how they wish they could have you just one more time. If God has blessed you to have that approachable vibe, and great hospitality, I encourage you to apply as a Group Leader. It’s not just those features, but also the love and passion that you have to be God’s servant. Don’t hesitate to ask us past group leaders questions or tips about our experience too, we will share!


Gabby Yang

Honestly, being a group leader at Standing Stones has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Thinking back to my first time applying, I was extremely nervous. I kept thinking: I am no one of importance. How can I be qualified? However, I applied after the realization that God does not call the overly qualified—He calls those with a willing heart to serve. What I saw was an opportunity to further His kingdom, so I took it. I have had the pleasure of being a group leader these past two summers, and both times were so encouraging. Being a group leader is such because you walk into this week thinking that you might change a camper’s life, but the reality is that they change yours. There is something beautiful about seeing young people realize that they need Jesus. They desire to know more about Him. They desire to have a relationship with Him. And as a group leader, you get to see that unfold. Of course, leading a small group of nearly twenty campers is not easy. There are some challenges as a group leader; but, like I tell everyone, the joy you receive is worth it. Throughout the week at Standing Stones, you get to learn abundantly about your campers—the good, the bad, and sometimes things that are just incredibly heartbreaking—but the most important thing is that you see God working in their lives. That encourages me greatly because in them, I see the future. It gives me hope that, perhaps, they will return in the future as group leaders themselves.


Cedrik Vang

Being a group leader was probably one of the greatest things that I’ve been able to be a part of at camp. My favorite thing about it was just being able to fellowship with the kids in my group and seeing the Holy Spirit work within them throughout the week. At times, it can be challenging but that what’s fun about it. I loved seeing my group members slowly open up during the week and it was just an amazing experience. It helped me grow as a leader in many ways. I made some mistakes during devotions but from those mistakes was where I was able to sit back and have faith in God and in a sense let God work through me. He showed me that it’s okay to fail and that reassurance helped me put all my faith in Him


Caroline Xiong

Hi! My name is Caroline Xiong. Since 2017 to 2019, I have been privileged to have served as a group leader at Standing Stones. I’ve always had a really big soft spot in my heart to serve the younger generation which drove me to serve at Standing Stones and there hasn’t been a time where I regretted my decision in becoming a group leader. Depending on the age group, each have their own individualized challenges and rewards. However, every year one of the most challenging moments is knowing that despite your efforts, you might not reach everyone in your group and that it’s okay. While the most rewarding moment is seeing one of your campers finally accept Jesus into their lives or being able to see some of the dry areas in the campers’ life come back to life. The light bulb moment that shows as the week progresses never gets old. Working with the youth, you are able to see how they each grow and it is so rewarding to witness it first hand during camp. It has not only reminded myself of the beginning of how my own faith started, but the connection that you have the honor in building with your campers cannot be compared to anything else. As this role can be draining, it never fails to amaze me the strength that comes from the Lord as He loves to use His people so He can move and stir the hearts of many. From learning how to teach and reach those of different ages to watching how leaps of faith can be catapults into divine purposes in God’s plan, this experience has strengthened so many areas in my faith and walk that allowed me to grow as a leader and as a follower.


Symon Vang

I served as a group leader for Standing Stones twice so far, and I am planning to do so again for Standing Stones 2020. During my first year as a group leader, I wanted to take it as a learning experience for myself. Growing up in a church with not enough leaders, I simply wanted to see how other church leaders led so that I could possibly pick up on a few of their methods of teaching and presenting the Gospel. From my first experience, I learned that it was truly about relationship building. I grew to love the youth I met and led, and I continuously found myself wanting Standing Stones to be just a little bit longer with every passing day. Of course, the first few encounters were a bit awkward and silent, but every group I’ve led up to this point has developed into a community of encouragement and accountability. It truly has been a humbling experience to witness young hearts desire truth and just yearn for a relationship with God. It has taught me that the best way to share the Gospel with others is to start with just building relationships and always rekindling old ones. I, for one, felt unqualified to lead, but God has revealed to me that leading is a CRUCIAL characteristic of being a follower of Christ. I highly encourage anyone and everyone who wants to grow in their faith to take the next step and see what God hopes to reveal to you as a leader. Only leaders can create leaders.


Ivy Yang

There are only so many words I could use to describe my accounts whilst serving as a group leader but the one that sticks out the most is “blessed”. Being able to serve at Standing Stones Camp as a group leader was such a blessing and wonderful experience because it allowed me to work on transparency, listening as well as develop profound and genuine connections with mentors, my peers and the campers at SS. I think working with the youth has always been something I have been passionate about, because I find adolescence as the toughest yet most awestrickeningly beautiful moments in life, filled to the brim with innocence, self discovery and adventure. It’s a very delicate time in an individual’s life, therefore it must be tended to carefully and I think good role models are much needed for their demographic of development. I found that the most challenging part of being a group leader was simply the weight of knowing that the things you say or actions you make will have an affect on the campers and their walks. However, this also leads into one of the most foundational things I learned from being a group leader which is: to rely on God and His guidance to lead a group of young believers that He makes no mistakes when He calls you. If you are contemplating on applying as a group leader, I URGE you to meditate and pray about it, as well as to remember that if God calls you, He will equip you.


Steve thao

I've been a group leader for 4 years with breaks in-between. The experience is different each year, but the purpose remains the same. Discipleship is trans-generational meaning that it doesn't stop after a certain span of your life to any age group. God calls all believers to be disciples and being a group leader is a great application of doing so. I thank Standing Stones for the opportunity to grow as a leader and build meaningful relationships.


Lasamee Lee

Sometimes you never feel ready until you have the faith to just do it. My name is Lasamee Lee and I never thought in my whole life that I would have the opportunity to be a Standing Stones group leader. I served as a group leader the year 2018-2019 and it has been an amazing journey. Before applying as a group leader, my youth leader encouraged our young adults to become a group leader for Standing Stones. I was really uncertain whether or not I should become a group leader because it seemed very intimidating and very scary. After weeks of praying and meditating on God’s word, God was telling me that I needed to apply and to help the lost. The most rewarding aspect of being a leader was being able to grow a connection with the team, witnessing campers getting baptized, and helping the campers grow their relationship with God. Once you have a good relationship with your campers, you start to grow chemistry, and are able to open up more about Christ. Having the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit working in everyone within the group really opened my eyes into seeing God's works. Being a group leader really helped me see where my strengths and weaknesses are in Christ and what I needed to work on with God. I also learned to speak to the campers with what God has to say and not my own words. I encourage anyone that is interested in the position to really pray about it and to go ahead and step out of your comfort zone to see what God has planned for you. All it takes is the heart, the Holy Spirit and God to work though you. Sign up now to become a standing stones group leader!


Andrew Chang

Being a group leader at Standing Stones was one of my greatest experiences being a small group leader. This was the first time I have ever been at Standing Stones. I love building relationships and being intentional with people and being a group leader at Standing Stones, I had the opportunity to do so. Being able to experience this time with my small group was such a great blessing! It’s crazy how much God worked within my relationships with my small group. The most rewarding part of my experience was the chance to be able to share my life with the young people and for them to share their lives with me too. Through this experience, God reminded me that many young people are struggling in life and as brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to look out for them. They need guidance, love, and the Gospel. I know I wasn’t the perfect group leader, but to be a group leader isn’t all about perfection. It’s not about how smart you are. It’s not about how equipped you are or how much experience you have. Being a group leader is all about you having a desire to pour into and to walk with the young people in your group. It’s about you LOVING them. I encourage you people out there to be group leaders! Your experience will not be the same as mine, but if you are intentional and allow God to work within you, you will learn a lot and enjoy your time as a group leader. This experience has been a wonderful experience and I hope that you guys think about being a group leader for Standing Stones. SHOUT OUT TO MULAN VANG FOR BEING A GREAT GROUP PARTNER AND TO SUPER 6! MISS YALS! LOVE YALS!


Kailani Vang

Standing Stones 2019 was my first year as a group leader. I was so nervous and doubtful at times, but the staff did a great job at providing and God of course always provided me with more than enough love, support, and knowledge. I wanted to apply because it was definitely a chance to not only grow, but also display the love of God for his glory. Being able to serve God with all the right intentions and love is such a gift! Not only that, but the youth were all so amazing and they taught me so much as well. Being the group leader for the little ones really encouraged me to learn more and know God more, so that I could lead them with God's word as my lamp. For sure, the most rewarding part was being able to see God work in my relationship with the kids. Everyday I could see God opening more hearts and softening more hearts, and it really made my heart happy to welcome more brothers and sisters into my life.