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SBU | June 20th to 27th, 2020 | Seek First

Date | Sunday, June 21st to Saturday, June 27th, 2020

Place | Southwest Baptist University | Bolivar, Missouri 

Summary about the theme | Seek First

In today’s time, no matter the age, we worry so much about what has not yet come. Worrying about who will show up to any planned event and how many will attend; and worrying if the youth, we teach, will understand what we as leaders are pouring out. 


In the past 2 years of Standing Stones, we have been taught  to serve with the gifts we gave been blessed with “Now What” in 2018 in the book of 1 Peter 4:10, and to offer ourselves as the true and proper worship to God with “Living Sacrifice” in 2019 in the book of  Romans 12:1. Now, we need to be reminded to seek Him first before anything else. Many times, we lose sight and forget what to focus on. We are human, and this is what we do best! However, in the mindset of serving, at the level we can and for showcasing of being a living sacrifice, we do need to know what to do to stay focused on God. Matthew 6:33 is a clear reminder of what it is we NEED to do first! We serve a God who is constant and true to His promises: yet through our actions, He is portrayed as a God who is confused. We put Him on a scale where we can “comprehend” what He is telling us, but that is not how He operates. Through many promises in the Bible, God has delivered time and time again without fail. Why are we not trusting His promises? Why are we altering His instructions so we can “understand” the process we have to go through in order to live out and see through His promises? It is not our high paying jobs, level of education, how much we tithe, nor how we have served His church. He is the only One that should be on our list. The only first in all we do. He will take care of all worries as long as we put Him first. 


As we strive to build our vertical (personal relationship with Him) He will continue to take care of the rest (our horizontal, ex: human relationships, the church we attend, our financial state, etc), and in the end we can come back to glorify Him through it all. As long as, He is first in EVERYTHING and we believe in Him and His promises, nothing will go untouched. He will not let us go nor let us wonder until we are lost. 

We cannot wait to see what God has in-store for us in 2020. We are just as excited as you are, as we remember to seek God first in everything that we do. Come and join us for a full week of learning, discipleship, worship and fellowship at Southwest Baptist University on Sunday, June 21st to Saturday, June 27th. 

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Standing Stones Camp is associated with the Hmong Baptist National Association and the Southern Baptist Convention.

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